The last few days, I’ve gone through and done some major clean-up work to the gallery and career sections of Jamie Lee Curtis Archives.

As Jamie’s career has spanned five decades, I wanted the gallery to be a bit easier to navigate without having to click through so many categories. Additionally, I’ve added in the summaries to her film projects in case you stumble across the gallery links from outside the website and want to know more about the project.

For the career section, I’ve given the index a facelift, and have gone through and begun to reformat every page as well as adding additional content where applicable. While it’s still a work in progress, you can see the bulk of it on the films’ page, with only her work from the mid–1990s to present day needing work.

I hope you enjoy!

Hello, everyone, and welcome – officially – to 2022! The website has been getting an overhaul over the last few hours, and we’re proud to be kicking off the new year with an incredible new layout courtesy of Margos! I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

Featured Image - The Launch of Jamie Lee Curtis Archives

Today is Jamie Lee Curtis’s 63rd birthday, and Jamie Lee Curtis Archives is wishing her nothing but the best for her on this day (and every day, naturally)!

Jamie Lee Curtis Archives is featuring an incredible new layout, courtesy of Carol at for the base and Gemma at Gratrix Designs for the header! I really wanted to do something different and utilize photos of Jamie’s stunning appearance at the Golden Globes from earlier this year, and Gemma’s design was exactly what I had in mind once more! If you come across anything that looks off, please don’t hesitate to let me know via Twitter.

Featured Image - Halloween Returning to Drive-In Theatres

Exciting news! The career section has been given a facelift, with deeper filtering for Jamie’s entire filmography. Even more exciting is that nearly all of her acting roles now have their own page with more information on the project, as well as a detailed episode guide for Scream Queens! I want to thank Claudia at Never Enough Design for her help in creating the pages and for her script!