Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story

Character: Dorothy Stratten

Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont

Written by: Donald Stewart

Produced by: Paul Pompian

Cast Members: Bruce Weitz, Robert Reed, Mitchell Ryan, Tracy Reed, Bibi Besch, Mark Withers

Released date: November 1, 1981

Genre: Biography, Drama

The life and death of the "Playboy" centerfold model/actress Dorothy Stratten.


• Every man’s fantasy. One man’s obsession.
• Based on the True Story of a Playboy Centerfold!
• This motion picture is based in part on the life story of Dorothy Stratten.


→ This was shot as a television movie for NBC, but Jamie Lee Curtis’ wardrobe was a great deal more revealing in the European version.
→ Even though nudity wasn’t shown in the television movie, Jamie Lee Curtis did have to perform topless for some scenes. When an interviewer once asked her if she was nervous since it was her first time to appear nude, she said “I was terrified! I asked them to refrigerate the set. I wanted it cold if they (her breasts) were going to be shot, standing up straight. It was done well; the set was cleared in one take. I thought I’d take it better than I did, because I was shaking like a leaf. Strangely enough, there was another scene where she’s got this towel around her and her (character’s) husband says, ‘Come on, we’re going to do those other shots now.’ I was topless in front of the camera crew, because I’d have to take off the towel, but they shot me from the shoulders up. And that wasn’t so traumatic. What could I do, put tape on them? They’re breasts. Everybody has them. I wasn’t nervous being naked in front of the crew. But in front of the camera, it was terrible. I went back to my room and had a good cry.”

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