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On October 31, 1978, Michael Myers is shot by his psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis and falls off a balcony. He survives and escapes into the night. Wandering the alleys, he steals a kitchen knife from an elderly couple and kills the teenage girl next door. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode, who narrowly avoided being killed that night, is taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital while Loomis continues his pursuit of Michael, accompanied by Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Loomis mistakes costumed teenager Ben Tramer for Michael, resulting in Ben being hit by a police car and burning to death. Upon learning his daughter Annie has been killed by Michael, Sheriff Brackett blames Loomis and abandons the search, leaving Deputy Gary Hunt to take his place.

At the hospital, paramedic Jimmy begins to fall in love with Laurie, but head nurse Virginia Alves limits the time he spends with her. After hearing a news broadcast revealing Laurie’s location, Michael makes his way to the hospital, where he cuts the phone lines and disables the cars. Wandering the halls in search of Laurie, he kills the security guard, the doctor, and several nurses throughout the night. In her hospital room, Laurie dreams about the time she learned she was adopted, and remembers she once visited a young Michael at the sanitarium. Jimmy and nurse Jill Franco search the hospital for Laurie, who is trying to evade Michael.

Jimmy finds the body of Mrs. Alves before slipping in a pool of her blood and knocking himself unconscious, giving himself a concussion. Meanwhile, Loomis is informed that Michael broke into the local elementary school earlier. He discovers clues connecting Michael to Samhain and the occult, which might explain his apparent indestructibility. His colleague Marion Chambers arrives to escort him back to Smith’s Grove on the governor’s orders and under the enforcement of a US Marshal. On the way, she tells him that Laurie is Michael’s younger sister; she was put up for adoption after the death of Michael’s parents, with the records sealed to protect the family.

Realizing that Michael is after Laurie and being told she was brought to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, Loomis forces the Marshal at gunpoint to drive back to Haddonfield. Jill finally finds Laurie, only to be killed by Michael, who then pursues Laurie through the hospital. She manages to escape to the parking lot and hides in a car. Jimmy soon arrives and tries to drive the car to safety, but passes out again on the horn, alerting Michael. Loomis, Marion, and the Marshal reach the hospital just in time to save Laurie. Loomis shoots Michael until he falls down, seemingly dead. While Marion calls the police, the Marshal tries to check Michael’s pulse as Loomis warns him to stay away, knowing he isn’t dead. Michael then reawakens and slits the Marshal’s throat with a scalpel.

Loomis and Laurie run into an operating room, where he gives her the Marshal’s gun before being stabbed by Michael. Laurie shoots Michael in both eyes, blinding him. As he staggers around trying to find them, the two fill the room with flammable gas. Loomis orders Laurie to run before igniting the gas, immolating himself and Michael in an explosion. However, the explosion only throws Loomis out of the room, knocking him unconscious. Laurie watches as Michael, engulfed in flames, emerges from the fire before finally collapsing. The next morning, she is transferred to another hospital, traumatized but alive.



• More Of The Night He Came Home
• He came back to finish what they’ll never forget…
• How do you kill what’s NOT alive?
• The Nightmare Isn’t Over
• All New. From The People Who Brought You “Halloween”… More Of The Night HE Came Home.
• The Boogieman Is Back
• Just when you thought it was safe to go trick or treating…
• They couldn’t stop him… Now he’s back!
• It’s not only a murderer… It’s an indestructible terror!
• The sensational follow-up to the worldwide phenomenon. More terror, even more terrifying.
• HALLOWEEN: The horror smash of the seventies! HALLOWEEN II: The horror smash of the eighties?



→ The film is set immediately after the first Halloween. Since Jamie Lee Curtis had begun to wear a much shorter hairstyle in the 1980s and had filmed other projects recently requiring shorter hair, she had to wear a wig that matched her original hairstyle for the film.
→ Leo Rossi (Bud) introduced Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) to her future husband, Christopher Guest, through their mutual celebrity softball league.
→ Jamie Lee Curtis did her own stunt when she falls out of the car onto the parking lot asphalt.
→ Even though Jamie Lee Curtis receives top billing, Donald Pleasence receives the bulk of the screen time. Coincidentally, it was the inverse for the first film.
→ This marks the last Halloween movie that Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence were in together.


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Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 in Santa Monica, California to her parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. She has an older sister, Kelly, and several half-siblings: Alexandra, Allegra, Benjamin, and Nicholas.

After making her acting debut in an episode of Quincy M.E. in 1977, she began her first recurring role as Lt. Barbara Duran on Operation Petticoat. In 1978, she made her feature film debut as Laurie Strode in the horror film Halloween, which also became her breakout role.

In the forty–four years since her feature film debut, Jamie Lee Curtis has established herself on screen as a scream queen, a comedic icon, a sex symbol and an action star. In 2018, her anticipated return to the Halloween franchise set box–office records that have yet to be beat. Off screen, her dedication to children's health and LGBT rights worldwide have made her one of the most philanthropic celebrities of our time.
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