Queens Logic

Character: Grace

Directed by: Steve Rash

Written by: Tony Spiridakis, Joseph W. Savino

Produced by: Russell Smith

Cast Members: Kevin Bacon, Linda Fiorentino, John Malkovich, Joe Mantegna, Ken Olin, Tony Spiridakis, Tom Waits, Chloe Webb

Released date: February 1, 1991

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Ray is a young adult and has a girlfriend that he lives with quite happily. However, the agreed-on date of their marriage is coming up, and he's not quite sure he wants to make that kind of commitment. His buddies Dennis, Elliot and Vinny however, have their own commitment problems.


Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis



This film depicts a cohort of Astoria, Queens[2] working-class, now-thirtysomething childhood neighborhood friends confronting their history together and their future, while behaving both like children and mature adults, and both deceiving and revealing. Ray, the central character, and his childhood friends Al, Dennis and Vinny struggle with issues of commitment in their romantic relationships. Eliot is a gay, later friend who roomed with all of them in a two bedroom apartment as adults and is lonely but dislikes “camp” men. Al and his wife Carla are having serious marital issues, mainly due to his happy go lucky, immature personality. Ray is engaged to Patricia, a wary hairdresser, but he is scared of the effect the marriage may have on his ambitious oil painting career. Vinny is a struggling actor who has dysfunctional one night stands and desires something more meaningful. Dennis is a musician who moved to “Hollywood” to hit the “big time”. His braggadocio subsides as he starts dealing with issues he left behind in Queens. The film centers around the preparations for an anniversary, a bachelor party and a wedding which challenges the characters to emotionally mature. The characters face adulthood and discover the meaning of ‘Queens Logic.’ This comedy film takes a look at the concepts of friendship, loyalty, and love.


• Made right here in the neighborhood.
• We’re Talkin’ Human Experience Here!



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