The Love Boat

Character: Linda

Directed by: Allen Baron

Written by: Art Baer, Ben Joelson

Produced by: Henry Colman, Gordon Farr, Lynne Farr

Cast Members: Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Ted Lange, Lauren Tewes, Melissa Sue Anderson

Released date: November 11, 1978

Episode(s) Number: 2x09

Episode(s) Title: "Till Death Do Us Part-Maybe/Locked Away/Chubs"

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Widow Ellen Garner is followed by her husband Mickey's ghost who tries to fix her up. Divorced Les and Gail see their daughter and her husband off but get locked in an unused cabin. Gopher's sister Jennifer makes a beeline for Doc.

Script developed by Never Enough Design