Featured Image - Captures from "A Fish Called Wanda" & Halloween (2018), and Interviews

The gallery has been updated with 1,840 captures from A Fish Called Wanda and 590 captures from Halloween (2018), as well as 658 captures from an unknown interview in 1991, 886 captures from her appearance on the Graham Norton Show in October 2018, and 193 captures from her interview on The Today Show from November 2019.

A Fish Called Wanda Halloween (2018) Unknown Date - Unknown Interview 10/05 - The Graham Norton Show [24x02] 11/21 - The Today Show

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Finally, a brief note on the state of this website…

I, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my cat of fourteen years earlier this month, following his health declining since mid-August. That largely kept me away from my websites, and it’s taken me some time to recover from that loss. While this site is largely up-to-date (minus the plethora of captures I still need to go through), there are still a few pages I would like to fully finish. Alongside today’s update, I did go back through and redo the featured images for each prior post, so that every photo is the same size and aspect ratio.

I thank everyone for their patience.

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